Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Good timing

Well I have been in a bit of a rut the past few weeks but I think I am on the way out. I have been doign some soul searching in my career and with my fitness goals and decided it was time to stop moping around and get going. I restarted my workouts this morning and depsite a little lower back pain I feel surprisingly refreshed.

I am goignt o workout a little tonight focusin on pull-ups but tomorrow is back to the grind with some lunges and crabwalks and maybe a little bowflew or boxing.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Evolution of fitness

I was goofing off at work today looking at the lastest and greatest Men's Health online magazine looking for new workouts to add to my arsenal. I came acorss an older article about Jason Statham and how he prepares for his movie roles. The guy is intense and while I may not necessarily be his greatest fan I love how the guy operates. He's 38 yrs old and continuously pushes himself to the max with each and every workout.

He does a lot of body weight exercises with copious amounts of intensity, MMA style training and believes in killing his Abs nearly everyday (500 reps of variations)and whatever else he can pack in his 35 minutes routines. The reason I am using him as an example is the fact that this is someone who understand that fitness needs to evolve like we do. He, like I, is a firm believer in functional fitness. I don't understand it when I see guys (mostly known as meatheads) pushing weight to push weight. Why woudl you do that? To get big muscles but what are they good for if you can't move?

I have been living Primally since Febuary and feel fantastic. Of course I don't look like Jaosn Statham but I am on my way. He is not my inspiration nor is Brad Pitt. I have dropped that nonsensical approach and instead have focused on getting into the best possible functional shape or in my own words fighting shape. The ulitmate goal for me isn't to bench 400 lbs. My goal is to cut down my body fat to a reasonable level and to become ultra healthy. I could care less about bulging biceps or unreal lats. If those are byproducts of my efforts then I would love it but again not my main goal.

After reading the articles on his fitness routine it made me start to think about how I workout. I workout roughly 5-6 days per week with mostly bodyweight. I use my Bowflex for heavier resistance training but not very often. I somewhat kickbox three times a week for an intense 15 minutes (3 5 minute rounds). I say kickbox but I really have a heavy bag I kick and beat on. I work on technique, combos, speed but always do so with 100% effort. He said in his article, "If you're going to train then hit it hard. Why go to the gym to lollygag? You're there to work not goof off. I completely agree.

Now even though he isn't my inspiration per se I have a new level of respect for him. I am going to really focus on giving 100% in everything I do. Working out (sometimes motivation is lacking for the first few minutes but I get the engines revving pretty quickly), work, and play time. I only wish I had the juice for work that I have for working out. Playtime is what I consider family time with the wife and son, tennis, basketball or whatever.

I am putting myself on a 6 week plan for success. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. In this 6 week workout I will focus on using a variety of exercises, equipment (sledgehammer, kettleballs, climbing rope, etc) and do my absolute best to never do the same routine twice. Now I will do some exercises repeatedly of course but I will use as much variation as possible. I will hit every single muscle group whether it be large or small with a huge emphasis on abs. If anyone ever reads this blog you'll understand I always bitch about ym back- while its gotten far better since I changed my nutrition I feel a need to bitch. It make sme feel better so screw off.

I will have pics to show each week my progress not that anyone reads the damn blog but it'll again make me feel better and if someone actually were to look at this blog it may inspire them.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Frustrations abound

I love my job and I love the fact that the stress pushes us to try new things and get creative for our clients but right now it's killing me. I have clients who have candidates but won't respond and then I have clients with no candidates begging for more. WTF is all I can think about right now.

Good thing I am a fitness enthusiast and I can work out those frustrations while getting to where I want to be physically. It just sucks for somehting you work so hard for and dedicate so much time to and this shit happens. Such is life as I always say. We take the good days with the bad and focus on the positives. I will keep plugging away and I will not let this defeat me. So many people would give up and run for the hills but not I. Running away isn't an option b/c the mortgage has to be paid, daycare expenses and food on the table.

Gotta love it. Watch tomorrow be the best day ever of course theres still time tonight to rock it out.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Did you say what I think you just said...

The streak continues yet again. Had another great moment last night while writing. I've had quite a few of those which to me aren't necessarily a bad thing at all.

I started to think about my experiences and realized that in order to be happy I need ot take charge of my life, my fitness and just enjoy every waking moment. Our lives are filled with stress generally created by us but also outside influences that can and often do affect us in a myriad of ways. This blog is supposed to help me get past that and work towards being a better person/father.

I tweeted last night that if we dont take charge then someone else will. I believe this statement and feel that those who do nto think for themselves are nothing more than a shell of what they could be. harsh yet true. We're fed all these lies by Marketing/Advertising firms that lead us to believe we have to have this or have that to be happy. People never question anything anymore. It's sad that we're losing what makes us...well us. People just accept things and go about their day. Why live life the exact same way everyday? We have the chance to alter our lives with every choice we make. We can change our future to be more exciting, happier, healthier, etc yet people make the decision to do nothing.

From this moment on I will no longer fall into the category of what if, what might have been... From this point on I will live in the moment and take advantage of whatever comes my way. I may not like the outcome but its a new experience and a new possibility for me to explore.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June 8, 2010

My ever evolving workout regiment has taken yet another turn. My new thing now is getting into "fighting shape". After watching a commerical for the new UFC game, yes I got pumped up about a commercial, it made me start to think back to the glory days. Prior to my back injury I was very adept at Brazillian Jui Jitsu (sp?) and loved it. We would fight for hours working on technique and I remember how great I would feel afterwards. It was a total body workout in the purest of forms. Complete functional strength that allows a person to reach their potential. Instead of hitting the gym and just lifting weights your body must use the stabilizing muscles in a more efficient way. This helps ward off injury and gives added support to the larger muscles thus making your training more effective.

After lifting for years I am not sure why it took me so long to get to this conclusion. It was probably the whole back thing but why let that hold me back? It's going to hurt regardless so I might as well have some fun with it. Of course the beginning stages will be parred down just a little in order to strengthen those muscle and work my way into shape. The key here is injury prevention not injury addition.

My fitness style continiously changes to ensure I never get bored. If you read my blog then you'll see it seems that everyday something is added, deleted or both.

Today- hit the heavy bag for about 10-15 minutes plus incorporated some kicks in.
Walking variation push ups.
Wall sits.

Everyday will consist of 30-45 minutes of exercise. We can all find at least this much time to get in some physical activity. Put down the remote and get off the internet for 30 minutes a day to have a better quality of life. To live a sedentary lifestlye is to let life slowly and ignorantly pass you by. Who wants to do that? I certainly don't.

Monday, June 7, 2010

New Day, New beginning.

It feels amazing to be alive right now. I am on a good high over how life has been the past couple of weeks with work, family and getting back in shape. A couple of weeks ago I started to feel things shift into a better direction for me with the wife about to work and work itself getting back to where it needs to be.

This past weekend I started my fight training again. My back still has a ways to go but what better way than pounding on a heavy bag a couple of times of week? Yesterday the wife and I spent a solid 45 minutes working on our abs and upped body with the heavy bag and while I feel a little sore today I feel great. We've decided that if Michelle gets the ENDO job we'll keep our gym memberhsip and utilize the pool a few times a week as well as working out. That would justify having it despite I love working otu on my own far better than the gym but the gym offers great things I can't do at home. It also gives us the chance to socialize Liam more, use the pool, climbing wall and Michelle has her workout partner to keep her happy.

The beach trip is 4 weeks away and we're on our way to our fitness goals.

How we'll get there( If you notice this plan evolves a lot which I love).
Boxing 2-3 times per week
Yoga 1 time
Gym 3 times per week (1 is on Saturday for workout then pool time)
This will also entail a minimum of swimming twice per week to cool off after workouts. Gym time during the week will have a focus on heavy lifting with Sat- being a relatively light day- abs, arms, pull- ups and calves.
Hom gym 3 times per week. Simple fit with abs.

This is of course will accompnay great nutrition. Big salads with Dark Greens, good spread of veggies and high protein intake. Nutrition is 80% of any workout. The body needs fuel and it will only run efficiently if the fuel is top notch. This isn't a goal to look better but to get in top physical shape, heal the back and get into fighting condition. Not that I will fight in the ring again but the best shape of any athlete is one that he/she can use in conbat b/c it brings everythign together in a functional sense rather than focus on bench alone.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 27, 2010

What a beautiful day it is. Loving the weather despite rains coming to damper our Memorial Day weekend but we're here to focus on staying positive and getting into great shape.

I received my Primal Cookbook in the mail and we're starting that quest this evening to see what goodies they have in store. Other good news, my wife after finishing her Masters at EMory and passing her Boards is now a licensed PA and will begin working next Wednesday in a non-surgical Ortho office. 2 incomes and the job of her dreams makes for a pretty good week so far.

Workout routines. Back on the charge with simpleFit. I love this workout b/c it is builds on the foundation and helps with functional strength. With my back injury it's hard for me to stay motivated in the gym b/c I am a competitor at heart so when I see some yahoo jacking up weights it makes me want to do the same even though I know I should't. Yesterday I did 25 sets of 2 pull-ups, 4 push ups and 4 squats. The numbers would change occasionally but I hit some pretty good numbers overall. I also incorporated some bowflex for an additional burn.

I am trying to get as organized as possible and really start tracking every aspect of my fitness goals. This wil keep everything in fornt of me and let me track progress to my ultimate goals. I need to locate an App for this kind of thing and see what I can do with it.